Ireland Grunge

This was requested after seeing my other flags. The font brought it together. I used a free font without license restrictions. The colors used are the exact color codes for Ireland’s flag. The map was easier to manipulate since I managed to find one where there was nothing other than Ireland in it.

Deutschland Grunge

Like my “Italia Grunge” flag I created, this was done in a similar fashion. I layered high res images to created the rough and work background then found a high resolution map of Germany edited to eliminate irrelevant content. The finished product was printed on canvas at full scale which is 2 by 3 feet.

Stylized “F”

My intention for this was to be the back of a very old business card I was designing for myself. Ultimately, I scrapped the business card design and ended up using this a desktop background. I took high-res images of several different textures and changed the blending options on the layers to get the old and work look.

Italia Grunge

Despite calling myself “Faust” and having a “.de” domain, I’m mostly Italian. I created this in Photoshop for the purpose of giving it to my dad to hang in his “man cave”. I created this to be printed with dimensions of 2 by 3 feet. The working document took up close to 4GB of disk space and the saved file size was roughly 1.5GB. I made two versions – one for Sicily (which is where both of my grandmothers are from) and one with the whole boot for all the other Italian folks out there.